Co-ownership management

Basic prices:

Apartment: 20€/month

Garage/ parking: 3€/month

Minimum per condominium: 200€/month

Usual services


  • Receive and verify invoices and notes,
  • Make payment of fees,
  • Allocate costs according to the basic act,
  • Draw up at least quarterly a call for funds and annually a full statement,
  • Writing this statement and sending it to the co-owners. It is not required to respond to a tenant’s requests for explanations,
  • Check the payment of fees and sends reminders, calculates interest and compensation for late payments,
  • Integrate heating, cold and hot water meter performed by a company responsible for the statements and establishment the accounts,
  • Prepare contentious files for submission to the lawyer,
  • Maintain general building management accounting,
  • Make invoices available to the condominium board for audit,
  • Keep records and invoices for the last 7 years and all meeting minutes since the start of the condominium,
  • Registration of the Associations of Co-owners at the Carrefour bank.

Ordinary general meetings:

  • Provide for the dates of statutory meetings,
  • Prepare the agenda, schedule the meeting location,
  • Send summons with registered post, except for owners who have accepted another method of communication in writing,
  • Attend the meeting,
  • Have the attendance list signed,
  • Control the powers of attorney,
  • Write minutes of meeting decisions on site and have them signed at the end of the meeting,
  • Send a copy of the minutes of the General Meeting to the co-owners within one month of the general meeting being held,
  • Insert the agenda, the attendance list (if it can only be two pages long) and the minutes of decisions into the minutes,
  • General meetings are held during the day (from 9am to 6pm)

Co-ownership council

  • Attend invited meetings by the condominium board,
  • Perform scheduled missions and orders following the meeting,
  • May write minutes to Board members.

Caretaker or cleaning service

The trustee is responsible for looking for a new concierge or cleaning service during a vacant space. To this end, he will draft the advertisements to the newspapers that will be counted to the condominium. It will respond to enquiries, provide a tour of the premises and develop
commitments and the signing of the contract.

The trustee is responsible for looking for a new concierge or cleaning service during a vacant space. To this end, he will draft the advertisements to the newspapers that will be counted to the condominium. 

  • He/she will respond to enquiries, arrange for a tour of the premises and finalize the terms and conditions of engagement and the signing of the contract,
  • If necessary, he/she will establish a work plan for the cleaning and maintenance of the communes,
  • Ensure that the caretaker or Cleaning Service is compensated in a timely manner,
  • Arrange for absence for illness, leave, waiver.

 Relationships with co-owners and third parties:

  • The Trustee will answer and respond to telephone calls,
  • The Contractor will receive and respond to the Common Parts mail from either co-owners or third parties,
  • They will record a change of ownership during a transfer,
  • It will respond to requests for information from third-party professionals or the notary in the event of transfer and this in accordance with the law and may bear in account the costs of its response, 
  • He will ask the notary for confirmation of the transfer data concerning the distribution of expenses between seller and buyer,
  • Ask the new owner for his share in the working capital and return it to the previous owner, provided that his accounts are cleared,
  • The trustee will distribute the costs pro rata temporis without a reminder over the other periods.


  • The trustee will hold a copy of the insurance policies,
  • Underwrite the policies on behalf of the condominium and propose to the meeting any changes,
  • Provide a copy of the policies to each owner who requests them,
  • Send claims to the insurance company or broker,
  • In the case of damage to common areas, the Contractor will investigate the loss by requesting quotes, ordering work and ensuring that compensation is collected.

Monitoring and work :

  • The trustee will conduct visits to the common areas to review the ordered work and to verify if the common areas are cleaned,
  • He/she will monitor the caretaker expenses,
  • He/she will order the necessary products such as fuel oil, cleaning products, etc...and can sign the related contracts if necessary,
  • He/she will order the work to professional in accordance with the Basic Act and General Meeting Decisions and will order payment upon receipt of the invoice.

The trustee, who does not have a manual role, will ask professionals or persons working for the condominium to do all work in the common areas, his role being to order and pay for the work after execution.

As he is not an expert in works or laws, when the works are important, he will be assisted by experts for the drafting of specifications, analysis of offers as well as for the monitoring and reception of works. He cannot be held responsible for defects in the execution of such works without expert assistance. As well, he will seek advice from a lawyer on any non-routine legal issues.

Supplementary benefits

General Assembly

1. Organization of an extraordinary General Assembly or a second session of the General Assembly 250 €

2. Organisation of a General Assembly of a partial association without separate legal entity €100

3. Organization of condominium board meetings in addition to those provided for in this contract €100

4. Consultation of the documents relating to the agenda by appointment with the assistance of the trustee 75 €/hour

5. Availability of our premises for general meeting 25 €

Administration/ Secretariat

1. Communication of information to the notary, intermediary/agent acting in a professional capacity or to the seller co-owner in accordance with Article 577-11 §1-2 of the Civil Code

These costs are borne by the co-owner seller. €150 per request

2. Burden-sharing (seller/buyer) (charge to seller) 75 €

3. Representation of the CPA in any authentic instrument €75/hour

4. Management of the modification of the statutes/ basic act of the building 75 €/hour

5. Retranscription/ drafting/ adaptation and updating of the ROI or condominium regulation 75 €/hour

6. Acquisition of the condominium €250

7. All services necessary for the resumption and opening of the accounting of the building insofar as the items received do not comply with Article 577-8, § 4, 9° of the Civil Code (only for the current year) €250

8. Accounting encoding of periods prior to the trustee’s start date 75 €/hour

9. Individual meter reading € 15 per batch

10. Calculation of heating counts (if not done by an external company) 150 €

11. Constitution and monitoring of the "bank loan" dossier 75 €/hour

12. Hiring of staff - concierge (opening and follow-up) 250 €

13. Administrative costs:

  • Envelope 0,15 €
  • copy of documents €0.30 per piece/page
  • postage price stamp

14. Call-back/recovery costs (to be borne by the defaulting party)

  • 1st reminder (excluding postage) 15€
  • 2nd reminder (excluding postage) 15€

15. Opening of litigation files (for the defaulting party) 150 €

16. Litigation management (to be paid by the defaulting party) €75/hour

17. Consecutive services (excluding costs of third parties (lawyers, notaries, etc.)) upon the entry into force of new regulations €150

18. Accounting, legal or tax assistance and/or services for all ad hoc (non-recurring) files: reports, formalities, declarations, letters, etc. €75/hour


1. Constitution and follow-up of a premium file 75 €/hour

2. Constitution and follow-up of an elevator compliance file 75 €/hour

3. Constitution and follow-up of an environmental/urban planning permit file 75 €/hour

4. Preparation and management of contentious cases to be submitted to a lawyer €150

5. Hourly allowance for all work performed outside office hours, that is, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. Monday to Friday, on weekends and holidays. 100 €/hour

6. Drawing up of specifications concerning the tasks and contracts for which the competition is compulsory 3% of the TTC amount in euros of the works

7. Sharing of costs between landlord and taker €50 per share

8. Organization and monitoring work (including attendance and assistance to appraisals, compensation management and closure) €75/hour

9. Insurance claims management €150 per claim

10. Additional services:

  • presence of appraisals, deliveries 75 €/hour
  • organization and monitoring of major renovation works 75 €/hour
  • constitution and monitoring of court files 75 €/hour


1. Private file management 100 €/hour

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