"It is imperative that the parties draw up a detailed state-of-the-art report at joint expense. This inventory is drawn up, either during the period when the premises are unoccupied or during the first month of occupation " (Art. 1730 of the CC).

It is essential to append an entry statement to the lease agreement. During the exit, many conflicts may arise if an inventory has not been carried out conscientiously. It is important to avoid any discord, to have a detailed and accurate inventory with support photos of the property.

A complete entrance inventory protects both parties (landlord and tenant) from any problems related to the occupation of the property.

A complete entrance inventory protects both parties (landlord and tenant) from any problems related to the occupation of the property. This inventory must be a precise situation of the property at the entrance of the occupants to determine their responsibilities at the exit.

Leasing only

For this work, the agency draws up an inventory of photos with full description of the property.
The report contains the meter reading and will be sent to you in PDF or paper format.

Leasing + rental management

As part of the rental management work, the manager takes action in the name ans on behalf of the owner. In order to keep a contradiction in the inventory, we ask an expert outside the agency to come and carry out the inventory.

The owner can choose his expert.


                                                       By Part                    Together
Studio                                             €115.00                     €230.00

Apartment 1 bedroom                 €130.00                     €260.00
Apartment 2 bedrooms               €150.00                      €300.00
3 bedroom apartment                 €170.00                     €340.00
Apartment 4 bedrooms               €190.00                     €380.00

House 1 bedroom                          €160.00                     €320.00
House 2 bedrooms                        €180.00                     €360.00
House 3 bedrooms                        €200.00                     €400.00
House 4 bedrooms                        €220.00                     €440.00

garage/laundry/cellar/attic                  €20.00                       €40.00
terrace/garden/balcony                 €30.00                       €60.00
Additional room/office.                    €20.00                       €40.00
SDB/ SDD suppl.                              €30.00                       €60.00

All prices are included CCTV

For any furnished property an extra 30% will be required.

For the exit, if the inventory was drawn up by the agency a discount will be put in place.

The inventory costs must be paid before the mission is carried out.

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